SensorFog Replacement Cartridge - PYROFOG

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Pyrofog - Replacement Cartridge for the SensorFog Smoke System.

The SensorFog fog system protects buildings from uninvited guests.

In an emergency, the device generates a fog that robs burglars of sight and orientation in the interior.

The device is equipped with a pyrotechnic smoke capsule.

If capsule has been used or out of date, security guards or home residents can make their SensorFog device ready for use immediately with the Pyrofog cartridge replacement.

The smoke emitted is harmless to health, smells of incense and leaves no residue. 

Features 🚀

  • Self-powered Stand alone or central triggered based system
  • Activation through single or double confirmation
  • No dust or residuals left, no toxic and intense incense based smoke
  • Permanent smoke presence (1 hour minimum)
  • Compatible with AJAX alarm security (It can be quickly and easily integrated into the alarm and security system using AJAX wall switch)
  • No wiring necessary
  • Burglary protection through rapid, dense fogging
  • Very low energy consumption

Package includes 📦

- SensorFog Replacement Cartridge - PYROFOG