Hard Disk Drive 4TB Seagate

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Features 🚀

  • Seagate Skyhawk
  • Hard Disc 4 TB special for video surveillance
  • Model ST4000VX000
  • Designed to be reliable, low consumption and silent. Offers fluid video transmission, high reliability and have good capacity
  • It includes installation in DVR, formatting and verification

    Specifications 🤓

    Capacity 4TB
    Format 3.5"
    Interface SATA
    Transfer Rate 6 Gb/s
    Model Seagate Skyhawk ST4000VX000
    Manufacturer Seagate
    Buffer size 64 MB
    Temp. operation 0º C ~ +75º C

    Package includes 📦

    - 4TB Seagate Skyhawk Hard Drive